Blog Friendly PR was founded on a simple principle: Blogs are a new and fresh way to market products and services in an affordable and effective way. With this idea in mind, Blog Friendly PR was created to bridge the gap between brands and bloggers. It is our passion to customize the brand-to-blogger experience. Coordinating each campaign uniquely by connecting the right type of blogger with the right brand. What we do here is passion-driven and fun!

Growing Your Web Traffic

The key to successfully sell your products is to get people interested in them, and for people to be interested, they have to know your business exists. If your primary outlet for sales and information is online, that means you need web traffic. It may seem like people come to you randomly, and maybe you aren't sure how to get more people to find you and get interested in your products. There are some simple ways that, with a little hard work, will draw more people to you, and start building an … [Read more...]

How To Hire The Right Bloggers For Your Brand

Whether you're a seasoned veteran of the brand-to-blogosphere community or a fresh face to the scene, there are some things you need to know if you are looking to hire a blogger for your brand. Bloggers have changed drastically in the last few years, and their requirements to be a brand representative or ambassador have changed exponentially. These few tips should help you put your best foot forward when approaching the picture perfect blogger for your brand. Recognize Blogging is Their Job, … [Read more...]

Everest Nutrition Krill Oil


A select group of Blog Friendly PR Bloggers were given their very own bottle of Everest Nutrition Krill Oil, and wrote about their experiences. Krill Oil provides many health benefits and has many uses, browse through the reviews to see what they thought: My Side of Life Canadian Paleo Athlete Mamma Natty Holyjeans and My Favorite Things Free and For Me Picking up the Pennies Teddy Out-Ready Rants and Raves of a Crazed Mom Saving for my Family My 2 Crazy Curls Plum … [Read more...]

brand:me clothing

brand:me clothing

brand:me clothing is one of the most inspirational clothing companies on the market today, this small business provides great t-shirts with a simple design and a powerful message. brand:me clothing is unique because it allows its customers to be who they are, and represent their own unique brand and personality through their simple and unique concept. The following bloggers wrote about their experience with brand:me, and how their own personal brand shined through! Kara's Deals and … [Read more...]

Jackie Simione (Free Hot Samples)


Name: Jackie Simione Blog URL: What is your blog about? Freebies, Deals, Coupons, Product Reviews, Giveaways. Anything to save money! When did you start blogging and why? When we moved from the Caribbean to Seattle, WA five years ago I decided I would be a stay at home wife. This choice became EXTREMELY boring VERY QUICKLY. You can can only re-arrange furniture and clean the house so many times a week. One day (about 3 years ago) I was on the internet … [Read more...]